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Mendix, from Siemens Digital Industries


Mendix offers an application development platform with no-code, low-code, and code-full options that enables you to build and continuously improve your own user-friendly software- and mobile applications.

Build great apps, fast!

If you can imagine it, you can build it. Start supporting your customers, employees and suppliers with top-notch digital experience applications. You can build anything from complex enterprise apps to simple tools that make work more efficient and fun. You can connect and integrate any of your systems, or launch new products.

And it’s easy! Extensive coding expertise is not necessary when using Mendix. Building apps with Mendix is ten times faster and requires less resources than traditional application buildning. In short, Mendix lets you create great applications fast.

Who can benefit from Mendix? Any company that sees the value of connecting their intellectual property from several systems into one relevant comprehensive view.

How can Nextage help? As your digitalization partner Nextage’s experienced consultants are here to support your success and educate your application builders.

Are you ready to get started with building software applications easily and quickly for specific cases? Contact us to discuss how!

Get inspired by what other customers has built!
  • Assembly instructions on video – get new employees quickly onboard. 
  • Manufacturing lines 
  • Financing requests 
  • Customer quotes 
  • Service apps 
  • Visualisations  
  • Customer portals 
  • Return material apps 
  • Supplier portals 
  • Business to Consumer apps 
  • NX Reporting & Analytics

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