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We are an advisory company focused around products. We help you with your Product Wellbeing™ Model and guide you to profitable growth.

Product Advisory Services for your company

Is your management team looking for advice on how to create a solid Product Wellbeing™ model for your company?  Do you have a balance between the product well-being elements: People, Process, Data, and Technology? Nextage Advisory Services can help you succeed.

The Nextage Advisory team has wide-ranging experience in end-to-end Product Structure Management, IT systems support, and how to build a realistic digitalization journey for companies.

In addition, we have good experience helping companies move towards more standardized product offerings, which simultaneously shifts the focus from engineering to development. Examples include moving from ETO (Engineer To Order) to CTO (Configure To Order).

Product Wellbeing™ Advisors

Our Product Wellbeing™ Advisors follow the Product Wellbeing™ model to strengthen the Product focus as well as the surrounding support for its lifecycle at your company.

We help you create your PLM or Product Journey Vision, Strategy, and Roadmap. In addition, we will outline the value and benefits that will come from this.

Program / Project Managers

After having done the work of analyzing the opportunities to further develop your business, making it more resilient to change, more adaptable, and scalable, there is a transformation journey to embark on.

Nextage Advisory Project Managers help you execute and realize your product strategy and vision so that you can start harvesting the value.

The Product Wellbeing™ value from a PLM perspective

PLM is the business process in which people supported by the best-suited technology manage product data.

The Product Wellbeing™  model analyzes the 4 pillars (People, Process, Data, and Technology) that support the product journey, and makes sure they are aligned and perfected to reach your business targets and visions.

The end-result benefits include a higher level of:

  • Productivity – no ad hoc actions needed
  • Quality – product quality starts with data quality
  • Profitability – manage the product offering

In addition, by balancing the above three elements your business gets the ability to grow sustainable through increased

  • Scalability


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