Increased productivity

As we know that all companies can create quality if the company likes to target it. Quality is for customers very important and it also gives companies trust in the market that they know what they are doing.

But how to create quality so that company also could make a profit? Maybe better to focus to make productivity better and via it get expected quality for products and services that the company delivers to their customers.

When a company takes productivity to focus, they realize soon what else they need to have in place to reach better productivity:

  • something that the company can repeat – not too many unique actions
  • processes to follow
  • fewer operations to do

This could lead to a situation where a company starts to look at what is really their products, what they should deliver to customers. Fewer products with some variants in module level, could give a lot of flexibility with lower costs and better productivity.

Creating first product strategy based on customer & market needs & current offering and then executing it for whole business from sales to services. One company truth about the product whereever you work.

Based on this product strategy create processes that will be improved via delivered products. This starts to create a good ground for productivity and then for quality. Last comes profitability and all parties are happy: customers get what they need and the company makes a profit that can also invest for future needs.

By / Published On: May 16th, 2019 /