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Get to know your productsCreate a sustainable Product Wellbeing ModelSenior Advisors with Productization ...and Product Management expertise

We are an advisory company focused around products. We help you with your product wellbeing model and guide you to profitable growth.

Product Advisory Services for your company

Is your management team looking for advice on how to create a solid product wellbeing model for your company?  Do you have a balance between wellbeing elements People – Process – Data – Technology. Our senior advisory services focused around products can help you succeed.

Chief Product Officer and Product Manager Services

Is your company in need of an interim Chief Product Officer or Product Manager? Our senior advisors have extensive experience in Products and can assume this role, assisting you in creating a new product focus culture. We will help you perform a current situation assessment and implement changes and processes required to ensure sustained profitable growth.

Additional advisory services

We have wide-ranging experience in end-to-end Product Structure Management, IT systems support, and how to build a realistic digitalization journey for companies.

We also have good experience helping companies moving towards more standard product offerings, which is at the same time moving the focus from engineering to development. Like moving from ETO (Engineer To Order) to CTO (Customize to Order).

Program Management Services

We can supply experienced professionals to take care of Program Management on behalf of your business, creating a traditional, hybrid, or full agile working model for successful project operations in which all parties share a common understanding of targets, time schedule, and costs.

Our Product Advisory offering

We advise you on how to create a product wellbeing model which has the following key areas

  • PEOPLE (organization, roles, and culture)
  • DATA (all product and customer information)
  • PROCESSES (Sales, Innovation, Engineering, Production, and Services)
  • TECHNOLOGY (simplify and standardize with high connectivity)

Creating model which includes phases:

  • Measure
  • Development
  • Maintain

Understanding how Productivity creates the basis for Quality and Profitability.


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Growth for your company

Nextage Advisory Services is held by:

Veikkola Nextage Group Oy
Nextage Holding Sweden AB

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