What is a Product Wellbeing Model and what makes it useful?

What is Product Wellbeing and why it’s important for Companies success?

Products are the things that bring revenue to companies and way to make a profit, which all companies target at. Products can be seen as physical or service or a combination of these two. So products have a very important role in companies success.

Product Wellbeing model has three layers and elements in layers as shown in the figure below. The first layer shows elements for successful products for a company. The company needs to make Strategical decisions, what is their target with Products. The second layer is Productization, which shows those tactical decisions, which company needs to make to be able to fulfill the strategy. The third layer is the Product Wellbeing layer, which shows what should be the operational focus elements to get strategy to daily actions/business.

By / Published On: April 29th, 2020 /