We start product-oriented leadership trainings!

Nextage Advisory Services is starting Product Oriented Strategy Leadership trainings in Finland and Sweden. There will be customer-specific and general trainings available.

These trainings are module-based, so we can easily fix trainings to fit you as a customer.

Here is an example package

  • Product Strategy
  • Products part of Strategy – examples
  • Product Strategy part of Leadership
  • Analysis of Product Strategy – status and target
  • Product Management Model
  • Product Management Levels
  • Responsibility
  • How to secure continuity
  • Organisation

Product portfolio analyses/profitability/development
Analyze of current product portfolio
Profitability of current products
Alternative models to develop Product portfolio – examples

Duration: Awareness workshop 2-4h or 3 separate workshops

If you like to hear more, please contact us advisory@nextageadvisory.com.

By / Published On: April 23rd, 2019 /