Studsvik modernise work with Teamcenter and Solid Edge

Studsvik turned to Nextage to clean their data and migrate it from SmarTeam into Teamcenter. As a result, Studsvik now has a modern PLM system that works seamlessly with their CAD solution, which helps them keep the high quality they are renowned at their market for.

Choosing Teamcenter and Nextage as PLM partner

As an established Solid Edge CAD and Nextage customer, Studsvik turned to Nextage when it was time to exchange SmarTeam for a modern PLM solution and upgrade their CAD version.

Juha Pellikka, who works as a design engineer at Studsvik, has played a key role in the project as a superuser since it started in December 2016 up until February 2017, when the new solution went live.

“We chose Teamcenter PLM because it is modern and keeps up with the technical demands of our industry”, says Juha Pellikka. “And we chose Nextage as our implementation and migration partner since we have good experience of and trust in them from former collaborations.”

Nextage have extensive experience upgrading and migrating PLM systems. Important factors for success are to follow a well-tested project plan, to upgrade quickly and with high quality while at the same time keeping attentive to the customer’s needs and vision of their future system.

Studsvik chose to have a long period of testing and tuning the system before they went live. In addition, Nextage performed training to ensure success with the users.

Qualified and appreciated help from Nextage

What Studsvik did was:

  • Implement Teamcenter PLM with Nextage Value Package
  • Clean up data in the PLM system, ridding it of misinformation
  • Migrate data from SmarTeam to Teamcenter
  • Upgrade Solid Edge
  • Chose standardized PLM solution with CAD integration to enable future growth

“The greatest benefit for us is that we now have a modern, standardized platform for the designers and the product owners to collaborate on. A platform we can develop further together with Nextage”, says Juha Pellikka.

About Studsvik:

Studsvik offers a range of advanced technical services to the global nuclear power industry. Studsvik’s business focus areas are fuel and materials technology, reactor analysis software, and consultancy services within waste treatment technology, decommissioning NORM, and solutions for final disposal.

To learn more, visit Studsvik at

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